Erisa Investment Class Action

This class action involved allegations that over 2,500 ERISA 401(k) plans had been charged significant, undisclosed management fees by First Mercantile Trust (“FMT”), a fund to fund manager of qualified employee investment plans. Learn more »

Excessive Attorney Fee Class Action

This action involved allegations that a well known plaintiff law firm, Wilkes & McHugh, P.A., had charged its clients an excessive legal fee in violation of Tennessee’s Medical Malpractice Act (“TMMA”). Specifically, Wilkes & McHugh represented hundreds of families in personal injury and wrongful death actions against nursing homes located in Tennessee, routinely charging them contingency fees of between 40% to 45%. Plaintiffs alleged that these cases were controlled by the TMMA, which caps a plaintiff attorney’s fee at one-third of all damages awarded. See, First Amended Class Action Complaint. (1) Learn more »

Option Holder Class Action

In this matter, our firm represented current and former employees who had been granted stock options in a publicly-held company under a 1998 employee option plan. Learn more »

Truck Driver Class Action

This class action was brought by truck drivers who alleged that they had lost money as the result of attending a student trucking driving academy conducted by Swift Transportation Co., Inc., the largest trucking driving operation in the United States. Learn more »

Excessive Tax Collection Fee Class Action

Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson, LLP is a national law firm that specializes in the collection of delinquent property taxes and other debts owed to governmental entities. Learn more »

Federal Express Overharge Class Action

Every day Federal Express makes deliveries to both commercial and residential addresses throughout the nation. When the address is a business, Fed Ex has one charge; when the address turns out to be a residence, Fed Ex is entitled under its shipping contract to add a “surcharge” of $3.50, the theory being that residences present more difficult deliveries than do office buildings and other businesses. Learn more »

Legal Malpractice- Lawyers Overcharging Clients

This class action involved allegations that Defendants unlawfully charged and collected inflated title insurance premiums from approximately 30,000 Tennessee consumers by including a title “commitment fee” of approximately Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00). Learn more »

Defective Countertop Class Action

This case involved a kitchen countertop known as “solid surface veneer” (SSV) which was designed, manufactured and distributed by Wilsonart International. SSV consisted of a plastic like polymer material that had the look and feel of granite but was sold at fraction of the price. Learn more »