Legal Fees & How We Charge

How We Get Paid

We generally handle most of our cases on a contingency fee basis for individuals and companies suing others for causing some form of physical or economic harm.  As such, we don’t get paid any legal fee unless we obtain a recovery.  If we don’t win,  we don’t get paid – it’s that simple. The next time you go to your doctor with an ailment, tell him or her that you will only pay for your treatment if they are successful in substantially curing your illness and see what happens. You will probably get laughed out of the room.   The fact is that contingency fee work is highly risky, with the lawyers risking thousands, if not millions of dollars, in their time and own money in litigation expenses seeking recovery for people who pay nothing if the case is unsuccessful. Find another profession that takes on this kind of risk, and we will buy you a steak dinner. 

Our contingency fees range from one-third to forty percent of any recovery depending upon the type of case, complexity of the case, the risk of non-collection, and the amount of our own money we will likely have to expend on experts and other litigation costs.  We front all litigaiton expenses and do not require repayment of these expenses if we do not obtain a recovery in the case. 

However, for any given case or, or groups of cases, we are prepared to consider a variety of alternative billing arrangements, such as fixed or flat fees, volume discounts and success driven fees.  We have represented plaintiffs for a fixed flat fee and on an hourly rate basis.  Also, we have defended clients sued for millions of dollars on a reverse contingent fee basis, meaning we only got paid by winning the case and received a percentage of the savings to the client as our compensation.  Almost all of these alternative fee arrangements require careful, advance planning and anaylsis, something with which we have considerable expertise.  So, call us and we will work with you to develop the right pricing model that works for all concerned.