Investment & Consumer Fraud

All of us live in a world where financial services are becoming increasingly complex. It’s often difficult to understand how certain investment products work and to determine whether they are right for us.  Consumers are often persuaded to purchase risky investments by trusted financial professionals who claim to have their clients’ best interests at heart. But when the investment does not turn out to be what was represented, these advisers frequently claim that the consumers was a “sophisticated investor” who should have known of the inherent risks.

Our firm has considerable experience handling investment and consumer fraud claims both state and federal court as well as in arbitration. We have represented both investors and broker-dealers in a wide variety of matters involving investments in:

  • publicly held as well closely held stocks
  • options on equities (including privately written options)
  • agriculture and financial commodities 
  • variable and whole life insurance products
  • fixed income securities, including collateral mortgage obligations, interest only & prinicpal only bonds

Given this depth of experience, we believe our firm can meaningfully assist you in virtually any financial matter arising in litigation or arbitration. If you think you have been given bad advice or defrauded related to a financial product, call us.  We will review your situation and give you an honest assessment of your potential case free of charge.  To see some examples of our past results in these types of cases, please visit the Notable Cases section of our site.