Legal Malpractice Claims

When Does Lawyer’s Mistake Become A Legal Malpractice?

Just like any other profession, lawyers make mistakes when legally representing their clients. Fortunately for any lawyer who has a justifiable error, this is followed by legal consequences. A legal malpractice claim can arise from any circumstance. However, some mistakes are so common. To know whether you can steer up any legal malpractice claim, you may consider the following common mistakes.

  • Failure to meet deadlines: Meeting deadlines is an essential component in any legal case. A lawyer who fails to meet deadline either when filing court documents or representing your interest in court may make an irreversible mistake.
  • Dabbling: When you’re represented by a lawyer whose expertise is not in line with your case, they may easily give you the wrong advice. This can be connected with lawyers who are overconfident and seems to know everything; they are prone to make mistakes.
  • Poor communication: Getting information on the progress of your case is critical. If your lawyer fails to update you regularly on what is happening, you may lack your reasonable expectations on your litigation process.

Legal malpractice claims are rarely successful. This is because a mere demonstration of the lawyer failing to satisfy their duty of professionalism and competence alone can’t amount to a claim.

Proving A Legal Malpractice Case

To justify a legal malpractice claim, you need to prove that:

  • The attorney was negligent in causing a mistake
  • The mistake caused led to the damages you suffered
  • The damages were significant to cause you financial loss

For any legal error to arise to a legal malpractice case there must be a host of other considerations made clear by an experienced legal malpractice lawyer. However, having the above essential elements in mind would be a good start for your legal analysis.

Some of the most cited lawyer’s mistakes that amount to legal malpractice claims include:

  • Conflicts of interest: This is always consistent year-round. The frequency of such cases is taken seriously by courts
  • Planning errors: This happens when a lawyer has the right knowledge but makes a judgment error on how the client’s case should be handled.
  • Failure to file documents where there is a time limit

If you believe to be a victim of a legal malpractice case, you have the right to speak with a legal malpractice lawyer.

How Can An Experienced Legal Malpractice Lawyer Help?

At, you will get to know whether you have a valid legal malpractice claim. These lawyers can establish a requisite standard of care and prove whether your lawyer breached it.