Catastrophic Injuries & Wrongful Death

You Only Get One Shot to Get It Right

We have significant experience handling lawsuits involving wrongful death and catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury (paraplegia, quadriplegia, and partial paralysis), amputation, severe burns and disfigurement.  However, we generally do not take on small “fender-bender” type car-wreck cases or cases where the individual is not seriously injured.  This is not because we don’t care; it just doesn’t fit with our philosophy of only accepting a small number of cases at any given time.  As you know, there are plenty of lawyers on television that will gladly accept your small case.  If you are not comfortable calling one of those TV lawyers, call us and we will be glad to give you a referral to a competent lawyer that can handle your case.   

However, if you have a serious injury, due to our tenacity and small case load, the firm has earned a statewide reputation of aggressively litigating these types of cases on behalf of individuals and families whether they arise out of motor vehicle and trucking accidents, construction site injuries, equipment-related accidents, product-related accidents, premises injuries caused by third-party criminal acts, toxic exposure, and other dangerous practices.

We understand the issues involved in these types of cases and more importantly, that this could and probably will be our client’s  only shot at receiving all the compensation they deserve and desperately need to replace a love-one’s lost income or provide a life-time of care to a catastrophically injured person.   We get it. You will not be disappointed that you called and we think you will be surprised at how quickly our involvement can start to make things happen in your case.    

If you think you have a wrongful death or catastrophic injury claim, call us.  We will review your situation and give you an honest assessment of your potential case free of charge.  To see some examples of our past results in these types of cases, please visit the Notable Cases section of our site.