Catastrophic Injures after Head-On Tractor Trailer Wreck

In this case we represented a tractor-trailer driver from El Paso, Texas involved in a head-on collision with another tractor-trailer on Interstate 40 near Brownsville, Tennessee. Learn more »

Tractor Trailer Paralyzed Mother of Two

In this tragic case, we represented the mother of two small children that was rear-ended in heavy traffic on Interstate 40 near Nashville, Tennessee. The collision was low speed but the tractor trailer was carrying steel cable and was extremely heavy. Learn more »

Security Guard Shoots Tenant In Back

In this case we represented a tenant at a dangerous apartment complex in south Memphis. Our client was returning home from work to her apartment late one night and was shot twice in the back by the security guard hired by the apartment complex ownership. . Learn more »

Carjacked and Shot at Gas Station- Premises Liability

In this case we represented a patron that stopped to get gas at a BP Station at approximately 2:30 a.m. in south Memphis. As he finished filling his car, he was approached by a lone male out of the darkness surrounding the store and was carjacked at gunpoint. Our client complied with the robber’s demands but was still inexplicably shot in the back as the perpetrator took car keys. Learn more »

Wrongful Death- Head-On Collision

In this tragic case, we represented the wife and daughter of a man killed in a head-on collision on his way to work at approximately 7:45 a.m. The defendant, driving a company vehicle, crossed the center line and traveled into our client’s lane killing him instantly. Learn more »

Nursing Negligence- Patient Dropped and Hip Shattered

In this case we represented a patient at an assisted living care center in Memphis, Tennessee. Due to our client’s condition, she needed assistance being moved from a wheelchair to her bed. The facility utilized a device known as a hoyer lift to make these transfers. However, our client repeated complained that her nurses were using the incorrect sized lift. Learn more »

Medcial Malpractice/Nursing Home Abuse- Patient Left to Die of Blood Infection

In this case we represented the daughter of a patient, Arthur Turner, that died as a result of mistreatment and abuse at a nursing home in Memphis. Mr. Turner was extremely ill but did not deserve to be neglected and forgotten by the nursing staff. He was malnourished and was not properly turned resulting in three very serious decubitus ulcers developing on his buttocks and legs. Learn more »