Why Sue Your Lawyer For Professional Negligence?

May 25, 2020

Every attorney should perform legal tasks with certain ethical and professional standards. If this doesn’t happen, this can lead to legal malpractice. Dealing with a legal malpractice case is quite tricky since one will be litigating “a case within a case”. Therefore, to ensure the liable attorney gets what he/she deserves, the victim should only contact a legal malpractice attorney who has the breadth and depth knowledge of dealing with such cases. A legal malpractice attorney contingency is always taken care of by experienced law firms. You only need to file a legal malpractice suit and get the necessary legal help.

What You Should Consider Before Suing Your Lawyer For Professional Negligence

Every lawyer should possess the legal skills and knowledge that is generally possessed by a reasonable member of the profession. However, not every expectation that is not met may count as legal negligence. If an attorney provides a wrong opinion, most probably they were not qualified to handle such. He/she then should be investigated and subjected to a malpractice lawsuit. You may have suffered due to a wrong advice. Wrong advice affects almost any case; therefore, clients who have suffered from such should take an expert legal opinion from an experienced law firm who are experts in dealing with negligence claims. Suing for the claim ensures that you’re returned back to the same financial position you were before the lawyer let you down. Before deciding to sue, you may consider the below questions:

  • Is the cause of action reasonable?
  • Can the dispute be settled by compromise? This can be solved by examining the alternatives to litigation
  • Will I be able to finance the lawsuit? You are liable for all the legal costs such as filing fees involved in your case. However, this may not be an issue to deter you from seeking legal help. Your legal malpractice lawyer can give the right advice on what to do.
  • Will I collect a judgment if I win?

How Much Will It Cost?  

Most of the professional negligence lawyers work on a contingency basis. You will only be required to pay them a fee after your claim is successfully settled. The amount of legal costs will be recorded on an ongoing basis so that you will have updates any time. You can only get a worth claim if your opponent can pay for the compensation that the court awards. Your legal malpractice lawyer should assess any likelihood of you being able to recover. You may need to consider whether the component is:

  • Bankrupt


  • Has any insurance to cover them

Contact A Good Legal Malpractice Lawyer

If your lawyer failed to adhere to the set time limit or gave wrong advice and made you suffer loss, a professional legal malpractice lawyer can help. A good lawyer can be able to determine the claim and relief by drawing out facts. He/she can evaluate evidence that is available to prove your claim. Professional legal malpractice lawyers understand that suing a lawyer is a daunting prospect. They always ensure clients get the best by pressing for maximum recovery of damages suffered.

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