7 Reasons Lawyers Could Get Sued

September 28, 2020

There are several risks associated with the legal profession. Often, people sue their lawyers. You can sue lawyer for several reasons. One primary reason is a breach of duty. Such a situation arises when an attorney violates responsibilities by settling the case without his client’s approval. You can also sue a lawyer when he handles your case carelessly and doesn’t comply with the orders of the court. A breach of contract happens when a lawyer fails to guide you in a way he has agreed in the contract. 

Professional misconduct is a situation when a lawyer willfully performs an act with wrong intentions regarding his client. A lawyer can also be sued because of administrative glitches when he misplaces documents related to a case or commits some other errors. If a lawyer misses essential deadlines or fails to follow limitations, his client may lose the case. Confidentiality breach is a situation when a lawyer discloses confidential information related to a case which he shouldn’t.

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