Notable Cases

Wrongful Death- Ambulance Flipps and Kills Patient

James Moore, Jr. et al. v. Emergency Mobile Health Care, LLC, Docket No. CT-005003-09 (Circuit Court-Shelby County, Tennessee 2009) In this case we represented the four surviving children of an 87 year old female nursing home patient, Isabella Moore. Ms. Moore was severely ill and was suffering from end-stage renal failure and Alzheimer’s disease. Her doctors had given her approximately 6 months to live. Her kidney failure required that she be transported by ambulance twice weekly for dialysis treatment. During her last transport, the ambulance company driver ran a red light and flipped the van. Ms. Moore was thrown about the ambulance and broke her neck. She survived for two days at the Regional Medical Center and was in a great deal of pain until her death. We sued the ambulance company for negligence and they amazingly denied liability. During discovery, we learned that the ambulance driver had lost his drivers’ license and there was pretty good proof that the on-board camera located in the ambulance had been disabled. This turned our case into a reckless punitive damages case and we ultimately recovered a seven figure settlement for the family. However, the defendants insisted that the amount remain confidential.