Notable Cases

Tractor Trailer Paralyzed Mother of Two

Teresa Moore et al.  v. Reliant Transportation Co., Docket No. 07C-732 (Circuit Court – Nashville,  TN 2006)

In this tragic case  we represented the mother of two small children that was rear-ended in heavy traffic on Interstate 40 near Nashville, Tennessee.  The collision was low speed but the tractor trailer was carrying steel cable and was extremely heavy.  As a result, our client’s vehicle was totaled and she sustained a burst fracture in her thoracic spine area and was partially paralyzed on the left side of her body.  The case was litigated for several years and we mediated it twice trying to convince the defendant company to do the right thing and properly compensate our client.  However, they never offered her more than $750,000.00.  We tried the case to a Davidson County jury and obtained a $1.9M award.