Notable Cases

Nursing Negligence- Patient Dropped and Hip Shattered

Carol Hanson v. Ava Maria Assisted Living, L.P. Case No. CT-007461-01 (Shelby Co. Cir., Tennessee, 2005) 

In this case we represented a patient at an assisted living care center in Memphis, Tennessee.  Due to our client’s condition, she needed assistance being moved from a wheelchair to her bed.  The facility utilized a device known as a hoyer lift to make these transfers.  However, our client repeatedly complained that her nurses were using the incorrect sized lift.  Her complaints fell on deaf ears until one day the nursing staff dropped her from the incorrectly sized lift and shattered her lip.  She underwent extensive surgery and had nine pins placed in her hip.  After approximately two years of litigation, the defendants settled the case but the defendants insisted that the amount remain confidential.  Our client received enough money that we were able to move her to a better facility and she lived out the remainder of her life with dignity and respect from her caregivers.