Notable Cases

Legal Malpractice- Lawyer Misses Deadline and Trys to Cover it Up

Confidential Settlement.  (Davidson Co. Cir., Tennessee 2011)  In this case this law firm defendant insisted that the amount of the settlement and the very fact that the firm had been sued not be disclosed to the public.  However, we can tell you the facts of the case without identifying the parties.  This was a legal malpractice case against a Nashville,  Tennessee attorney.  We represented a single mother of two that was very seriously injured in an automobile accident and hired an attorney that adverstied on TV in Nashville. The attorney failed to timely file her lawsuit and it was ultimately dismissed for this reason without the client receiving any compensation for her injuries.  The lawyer compounded the probably by trying to take the position that he was never properly retained to handle the matter.  However, through electonic disocvery, we established that the lawyer was retained approximately six months before the running of the statute of limitations. The case was resolved thereafter for a very significant amount.  The lawyer ended up paying a lot more than he otherwise would have had to pay because he tried to cover up his wrongdoing rather than take responsibility for his errors.