8 Assessments To Make Before You Proceed To File A Civil Lawsuit

July 15, 2020

Have you been a victim of legal malpractice? There can be instances when suing an lawyer for negligence may seem the only viable option. But before proceeding, you need to pay attention to some significant aspects. With the help of an attorney, determine what claim and relief you want to file for. This will be based on the nature of damages and available proof. Are you going to let the public know the details of the lawsuit? Confirm whether the revelation of these details can weaken the claim or not. Ask the attorney whether the dispute can be resolved by mediation or arbitration or not. 

The result of the lawsuit entirely depends on your evidence and witnesses. You need to assess how much proof and the actual number of witnesses will be required. Calculate the overall cost of the litigation and how are you going to finance it. Figure out how much time the civil lawsuit will take. Find out whether the lawsuit for wrongdoing falls outside the statute of limitations. Go for a legal expert who has successfully handled such cases in the past. 

Civil Lawsuit
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