Notable Cases

Medical Malpractice/Nursing Home Abuse- Patient Left to Die of Blood Infection

Reshunda White v. Overton Park Healthcare Center, Methodist Healthcare, Case No. CT-003560-08 (Shelby Co. Cir., Tennessee, 2008) 

In this case we represented the daughter of a patient, Arthur Turner, that died as a result of mistreatment and abuse at a nursing home in Memphis.  Mr. Turner was extremely ill but did not deserve to be neglected and forgotten by the nursing staff.  He was malnourished and was not properly turned resulting in three very serious decubitus ulcers developing on his buttocks and legs.  These eventually became so infected that he developed a bone infection and a blood infection.  Once he developed sepsis, he did not survive long.  As is typical, the nursing home denied that it did anything wrong and we were required to take some very aggressive depositions and prove that Mr. Turner was neglected and that the home was responsible.  The case was ultimately settled for a confidential amount.