Notable Cases

Legal Malpractice- Lawyer Fails to File Lawsuit

Confidential Settlement.  (Madison Co. Cir, Tennessee 2009)  In this case the defendant insisted that the amount of the settlement and the very fact that he had been sued not be disclosed to the public.  However, we can tell you the facts of the case without identifying the parties.  This was a legal malpractice case against a Jackson, Tennessee attorney.  We represented a Goodyear employee from Union City, Tennessee.   Our client sustained a very serious (potentially career ending ) work-related back injury and hired this Jackson attorney to pursue a workers’ compensation claim for him.  However, the attorney did not timely file his workers’ compensation case and our client was barred from every recovering benefits related to his injury.  We filed suit and ultimately settled the matter and our client received all of his workers’ compensation benefits, including compensation for permanent total disability and lifetime medical treatment related to his injury.