Defective Firework Causes Loss of Eye

In this action, our client’s left eye was blown out by a defective firework manufactured in China and sold at a fireworks stand in Shelby County, Tennessee. Specifically, our client lit a fuse on a cylindrical “artillery shell” style firework , which was supposed to burn for 5 seconds before discharging flaming projectiles (in order to allow him to move a safe distance away from the firework). When he lit the firework, however, it immediately exploded and fired at angle such that a flaming mortar flew directly into his eye, destroying the eye and eye socket. Learn more »

Defective Plastic Stool Causes Femur Break and Permanent Limp

We had the privilege of representing a housewife who suffered a life-long injury when a plastic stool broke and caused her to fall. She had purchased a plastic folding stool from TJ Max and has used it on or two times before her fall. While getting ready for church on Sunday, she stood on the stool to examine her dress in her bathroom mirror when, without warning, the stool shattered; she fell in an odd position, breaking her right femur in nine different places. Despite multiple surgeries and extensive physical therapy, our client was left with a permanent limp. Learn more »

Defective Countertop Class Action

This case involved a kitchen countertop known as “solid surface veneer” (SSV) which was designed, manufactured and distributed by Wilsonart International. SSV consisted of a plastic like polymer material that had the look and feel of granite but was sold at fraction of the price. Learn more »